Freedom & Death Dice

Memento Mori - Remember death.

In the tangle of everyday life, death is not a tempting thought. But reflecting on the end of life can help you make the most of the present and live with a greater sense of purpose and intention.

A discussion about death and freedom with philosopher Roman Krznaric.

Finding meaning in community and connection: Arielle Tannenbaum at Buffer

In the process of searching for purposeful work it’s easy to focus only on the lofty goals, the things that have a great and obvious sense of worth. But, in doing so, we risk losing sight of that which makes life most worth living: our relationships and meaningful connections with those around us.

Arielle Tannenbaum went looking for meaningful work in psychology, in health coaching and at a nonprofit, but found her fit in none of these places.

Blind Pilot Miles Hilton-Barber on purpose and achievement

Miles Hilton Barber dreamed of being a pilot when he was a boy. But in his twenties he was hit by a genetic disease that destroyed his sight, leaving him totally blind.

His brother Geoffrey had the same condition. But the remarkable thing about these brothers is that they’ve both gone on to become record-breaking adventurers. The even more remarkable thing is that Miles (and Geoffrey) didn’t start adventuring until age 50! If you’ve ever felt held back by conditions beyond your control, or if you’ve ever worried that it’s too late to start, this story is for you.