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The magic of the three-month project

Following your dreams is easier said than done. Even when you have the best of intentions, it’s hard to commit to something that feels new and challenging amidst other tasks that feel more realistic.

Read on to find out how three month projects can be transformative - and how The Confetti project emerged from just such a starting point.

Blind Pilot Miles Hilton-Barber on purpose and achievement

Miles Hilton Barber dreamed of being a pilot when he was a boy. But in his twenties he was hit by a genetic disease that destroyed his sight, leaving him totally blind.

His brother Geoffrey had the same condition. But the remarkable thing about these brothers is that they’ve both gone on to become record-breaking adventurers. The even more remarkable thing is that Miles (and Geoffrey) didn’t start adventuring until age 50! If you’ve ever felt held back by conditions beyond your control, or if you’ve ever worried that it’s too late to start, this story is for you.