About Questions on Purpose

My own journey to find purposeful work has taken me from Psychology to Existentialism and from non-profits to startups, freelancing and remote work. In the process I've read widely on meaning and purpose, on designing your life (and work) and on living differently.

Last autumn I started interviewing people about purpose - how they've found it, wrestled with it, and sometimes found peace in the process. 

I have wondered so much about my purpose in life. But all that thinking got me precisely nowhere, except more confused.

Meaningful conversations with like-minded souls have made the biggest difference in my own search, and that is what this website is about.

Maybe you’ve got to a point where you’re feeling stuck, or you’re wondering what next. Or maybe you feel like you have all the elements of a good life lined up, but somehow it just doesn’t fit.

We have more options in our lives than ever before. It’s liberating and totally overwhelming at the same time. And when there are so many potential paths you can choose, how do you choose just one? How do you know you’re on the right path? — These are the questions that can get you so far inside your own head you can’t think straight.

Emily Shipp, Questions on Purpose

Emily Shipp, Questions on Purpose

The one thing I have learnt is that purpose isn’t a destination. I used to think think that one day I would ‘discover’ my purpose and everything would fall into place. But it’s not like that. It’s more complex, it’s more difficult, but it’s also much more interesting. It’s a journey and a process and it’s a lot more enjoyable when you can swap stories with others in the same situation.

I think a lot of us go through shades doubt about our purpose in life. It’s a disorientating place to be. But the more interesting thing is how people come through it. Sometimes that means living a different life in the end than the one that you thought.

If you've ever wondered about your purpose in life and work, share your story! I'd love to hear from you.