Honesty was the theme of our September 2018 Meetup in San Francisco. 

The text below outlines the prompts we used for discussion:

Are you honest about your work?

Specifically, are you honest with yourself about why you do it and what you get out of it?

This session explores the value of honesty and authenticity in choosing your own path (and the risks of following someone else's).

Discussion points:

  • The choices we make about work

    • When they are intentional

    • When they’re not

  • Which of your choices about your work are truly intentional/deliberate?

  • Where do you feel like you’ve followed a path, rather than making your own decisions?

    • E.g. going for a promotion for the next most senior position, because it was ‘the next logical step’ rather than thinking about whether you really wanted this role?

    • E.g. Going to university because it was ‘the next expected step’

  • What about recent decisions and upcoming decisions about your career direction? How deliberate have these decisions been? / are there areas where you’re in danger of being ‘swept along’?

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