Conflict was the theme of our August 2018 meetup in San Francisco.

Here's an outline of the discussion:

Do you ever find yourself simultaneously wanting two conflicting things? Like craving both change and security, or the desire to grow a new business while also seeking a better work/life balance. Or maybe you find yourself locked in indecision, struggling to move forwards.

In this month’s session we invite you to air your conflicts and uncertainties.


Each person to bring a conflict / area of indecision to discuss

Thinking about conflicting ideas on career direction:

Introduce your area of conflict or competing desires

A few ways to approach conflicting ideas:

1. Notice the inner critic or negative voice

Where do you hear a critical or negative tone in your described conflict?

Where does this come from – discuss.

- OR - Where do you notice a fearful tone? What are you fearful of?

2. Other voices

Are all the opinions you express strictly your own?

Do you notice any influence from external sources / other people?

Who are these other voices? How important is their opinion to you?

3. What’s behind your conflict?

What is the motivation behind each of your competing desires?

e.g. a desire to travel might reveal a motivation for self-exploration, to learn about a new country, or to take time out.

When you compare the motivations behind these competing desires, is there still a conflict? – discuss.


There is no right or wrong answer, only an answer that feels more or less true to you. Recognise and label fears and critics. Trust your instincts and your curiosity.


Name one area you want to address in the next month. Be specific about what you will do, and write it down.