Toni Morrison, David Bowie and legacy

Thinking of our legacy as a body of work can be daunting should we dare to compare ourselves to luminaries such as Toni Morrison or David Bowie. But if we consider that the legacy is not the work itself, but the effect it has on those that encounter it, then what previously seemed like an unclimbable peak can instead become a territory for exploration.

The joy with the pain

Feelings are not one or the other: joyful or painful, happy or sad. They are complex, blended, tangled. But in the tangle there is depth and if we can feel deeply and live with intensity then that extends to the full spectrum of experience.

Life in balance - between the extremes?

Is it helpful to think about guiding lights as the centre point between extremes? And how much sense does it make to think of fixed points when we ourselves flow and change so readily? This is an attempt to locate the points of consistency and balance within ourselves.